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For Budapest we present you a cooperation with our partner Bradley Edwards and Associates.

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Dealing with real estate - especially in a foreign country - can be a real problem - or one should rather say - hundreds of small complications. These problems are manageable if treated in a timely and professional manner before they start triggering a domino effect. Having someone on your side with extensive, solid background and efficient systems is a great advantage when dealing with day-to-day property issues while they are still small.

We have been dealing with foreign investors' assets and property management for more than15 years now. If we see a problem, we not only solve it but we also learn from it. We pass on the valuable information from our experienced colleagues to everyone in the office. Our staff works together as a team to reach the best possible outcome in any situation and to find the best solution to any problem. Our company philosophy makes us knowledgeable in every aspect of real estate, starting from buying the right property, finding the suitable tenant and managing the property on a day-to-day basis.

Currently we are working with 400+ properties of all kinds - from student accommodation to diplomatic residencies - across more than 60 condominiums. We provide full service in buying or selling, letting and even if you are using the property for personal use. Therefore we deal with facility managers, utility providers, subcontractors, banks, lawyers, accountants, tenants, buyers and sellers on a daily basis.our servcice
Management - Upon taking over a property, we carry out an assessment of the status of the unit. We thoroughly check existing contracts, financial balances, we investigate any past due invoices, read and check meters, do a full, photo documented inventory. We provide landlords with reports so that they get a clear picture of technical and financial issues to be solved should there be any.

We prepare the property to be fit for rent, fix problems, carry out professional cleaning, take pictures and write the advertisements.

We not just advertise the property but using our multi-channel marketing we reach the potential tenant quickly and effectively. That is why more than 95% of our managed properties are let.

Letting – Finding the right type of tenant is key to insuring that your investment is a profitable one. For this reason Bradley Edwards conducts strict background checks of all tenants that we deal with. If a tenant is behind in his rent by more then 5 days we act to rectify the situation or evict the person.

Sales – When the landlord wants to exit his property Bradley Edwards provides a comprehensive sales service starting with private placements to our existing investor clients to handing tenant transfers to the new buyer. Unlike some local firms, Bradley only operates on a best effort basis which means that we receive no funds until the property is sold.

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